Behrens-Eaton House Museum

By establishing the Eaton Gift, Judge Eaton aspired to preserve his family’s beloved 1895 Victorian home so that it might serve as a museum for children and citizens of Shasta County where they could learn about local history. His dream has certainly come true as the home has been beautifully displayed with authentic Victorian era furnishings and a fascinating variety of antiques and artifacts that are original to the family.
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Judge Eaton’s main goal in establishing the Eaton Gift was that there would be a venue for the children and citizens of Shasta County to learn about local history,
This dream is certainly coming true as school children as well as local historians are finding our museum and library provide a plethora of wonderful historical data and pictures.


Victorian Living

The Behrens-Eaton Museum has an extensive collection of Victorian items. From the furniture to the silver, every piece shows the elegance of the time and allows the visitor to experience the culture and traditions of a bygone time from 1895-2003.

Richard In Uniform

WWI and WWII Artifacts

Judge Eaton had a strong interest in the military, collecting artifacts from both WWI and WWII throughout his lifetime. He continued to add to his collection of military and war related items while serving as an army Captain and hen major in North Africa and Italy during WWII. This portion of the museum will be of particular interest to those who are drawn to this period of history.
Ella Behrens in Bank

Redding and Shasta County History

Four generations of the Behrens and Eaton families were avid collectors of local history. As a result, the collection is brimming with interesting and one-of-a-kind artifacts dating back to the mid 1800s that depict the fascinating history of the people of Redding and Shasta County.
Victoria Era Fashion

Victoria Era Fashion

19th century fashion is known for corsets, top hats, bonnets, full skirts, petticoats and bustles. Enjoy our extensive collection of Victorian and vintage clothing including everything from Edna Eaton’s elaborate wedding dress to Judge Eaton’s childhood suits.
Antique Books

Antique and Vintage Books

The museum includes a library which houses a plethora of irreplaceable historical books, journals and personal writings of the Judge that researchers and history lovers find exceptionally valuable and interesting. This portion of the collection also contains a number of antique and one-of-a-kind books that you will not be able to find elsewhere. You will want to make sure you give yourself enough time to read and explore this irreplaceable collection.

Free Admission

It is so hard to find fun things to do without breaking the bank. We have free admission and are wheelchair accessible.

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Tuesday: 10am to 4pm
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1520 West Street
Redding, CA 96001


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The museum brings history to life with exhibitions about our region’s colorful past from the 1800’s to the present. Visit us and discover life as It was in the Victorian Era.